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We are a locally owned and operated salon. We strive to provide amazing customer service, however, we need your help. Below you can read the policies (that have been put in place) to make sure our salon delivers to your expectations.


We understand that our salon caters to children and sometimes things don't go as planned. We also need you to understand that we are still a business and your appointment generates our revenue. Zany Cuts is not a walk-in salon. If you have an appointment and you are late (to the point of forfeit) or you just don't show up at all, we lose the revenue that appointment created.

Our cancellation policy states that if you need to cancel an appointment do so within 2 hours of the scheduled time for no fee.

We have a 5 minute late policy. If you are more than 5 minutes late to your appointment, you have forfeited the appointment and will be charged, the full amount of the service scheduled. We try to show grace where we can BUT there are times when the schedule is fully booked and you can't be seen.

If you NO Show your appointment you will be charged the full amount of the service scheduled.

Other policies to be aware of:

Don't bring your kids in sick. If they have a fever, missed school, or you missed work (due to them being sick)  they don't need to be in the salon.

Bring your child in with clean hair. The look of the cut (and the time of the stylist) depends on it. Don't over saturate the hair in styling products. If there is too much gel, hairspray or pomade in the hair it may require a shampoo. The stylist may not have time to shampoo the hair, therefore, it will forfeit the cut. You will be charged the scheduled appointment amount. If the stylist does have time to shampoo the hair (and it is necessary for the cut) you will charged a shampoo along with the cut.

If your child is uncertain about the cut (and it takes more than 5 minutes to persuade them to get in a seat) the appointment may have to be rescheduled. The appointment for the day will still be charged.

You can not book a specific seat. We try to accommodate the request but it's not always granted. We book appointments every 20 minutes. You have to take what seats are available or reschedule your appointment. If the appointment is rescheduled, you will still be charged for the scheduled service that day.

If you scheduled a regular haircut and want a girl's bob haircut then you will have to reschedule. A bob haircut takes a longer appointment slot and can not be done in 20 minutes. You will be charged for the appointment you have taken that day.

Please have an idea or picture of the desired cut prior to the appointment. The stylist will give a consultation but we need to know how you want the hair cut. It is our job to advise you on whether the cut is good for for the texture, density, face shape ect. We will still give you the best haircut regardless if you take our suggestions.

If your child has long, curly, textured or matted hair you need to make sure it's detangled and in a "safe hairstyle" before the appointment. If the stylist uses all the time detangling the hair you may have to reschedule the cut. The appointment will be still be charged for the day along with the comb out fee.

We try our best to give every client a fantastic haircut. Some of our clients really don't like haircuts and we get it. We can handle the crying, moving and screaming BUT we will not be abused physically or verbally. This means that we won't allow a child to hit, bite, or scratch us. We wont tolerate foul language either. If your child gets to that level we will stop the service and you will still be charged for the appointment.

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